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Are you lost, bud? No worries, I'm an excellent guide!你迷路了,伙计?别担心,我是一个优秀的导游!

Arf! Arf!汪!汪!

Don't worry! I'm on it!不要当心!我正在处理中!

I wish I had a cookie.我真希望有块饼干.

Geez! This is pretty tiresome!天呀!这是个令人讨厌的家伙!

Am I getting close?我越来越近了?

Or am I just going in circles? Nah...我只是在绕圈子吗?Nah...

OK, I'm officially lost now...OK,我现在真的是迷路了...

I think I saw a.我以为我看到了

What are we supposed to be looking for, anyway? @_@ 不管怎样我们会找到的? @_@