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Linear power supply Description

2015/12/16      view:
Linear power supply Description:

      AC linear power supply is first lowered through the transformer to the voltage amplitude, and then through the internal rectifying circuit rectifying, thereby obtaining pulsed DC, obtained after filtering with a slight ripple voltage DC voltage power conversion means

Linear power supply works:

      Linear power output of the transformer is in fact a re-string power transistor, the control circuit as long as the output of a small electric current to the base of the transistor can be controlled transistor output current is large, so that the power supply system on the basis of the transformer and a voltage regulator , so this performance linear regulator power supply is superior to the switching power supply or transformer 1-3 orders of magnitude. But power transistor (also known as the regulator) on the general to take up to 10 volts, each output current of one ampere in the internal power supply must consume 10 watts of power, such as 500V 5A power loss in the power transistor is 50 watts total output accounts 2% power, and thus the efficiency of linear power transformers than lower.