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Planar transformer technology in a detailed analysis of switching power supply

2010/6/1      view:
       Design of the magnetic element is an important part of the switching power supply, because the planar transformer in improving the characteristics of the switching power supply has a great advantage, so in recent years has been widely used. 

      For an ideal transformer, the magnetic flux generated by the primary winding passes through the secondary coil, i.e. without leakage flux. And for ordinary transformer, the magnetic flux generated by the primary coil not all pass through the secondary coil, thus a leakage inductance, electromagnetic coupling tight requirements can not be met. The planar transformer secondary winding mesh only one turn, the turn of the winding wire is also different from the traditional, but a piece of copper, stick around on more than one of the same size stamping ferrite core surface. Therefore, the planar transformer output voltage depends on the number of cores, and planar transformer output current can be expanded in parallel, in order to meet the design requirements. 

      Therefore, the characteristics of planar transformer is obvious: plane winding tightly coupled so that the leakage inductance greatly reduced; special structure makes it highly planar transformer is very low, which makes the converter to make a board envisaged to be realized. However, there is a very high capacitive effect planar structure and other issues, which greatly limits its large-scale use, however, these shortcomings in some applications, there are likely to turn into an advantage. In addition, the core structure plane increases the cooling area, in favor of a transformer cooling.