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use the power adapter should pay attention to what matters

2014/5/26      view:

        One, the power adapter (hereinafter referred to as power) of the nominal voltage and current iswhat mean? Firstly, the general power supply voltage nominal, refers to the open circuit voltageoutput, that is not connected to any load outside, no voltage and current output time, so it can be understood as, this voltage is the power output voltage limit.

        Power supply for the internal use of the active voltage components of the case, even if the mains voltage fluctuations, the output is a constant value, like a small transformer Market in general, like the Walkman with power for example, if the city power fluctuations, the output of the power supplywill not fluctuate.

        Generally speaking, the ordinary power adapter is not necessarily true no-load voltage and the nominal voltage is completely consistent, because the characteristics of electronic components may not be completely consistent, so there is a certain error, error is small, the consistency of the electronic components demand higher, the production cost is high, so the price is also expensive.

        In addition, a nominal current value, regardless of any power supply have a certain resistance, so when the output current of the power source, can produce a pressure drop in the interior, leading to two things, one is to generate heat, so the power will be hot, another is the cause of the output voltage is reduced, the equivalent of internal consumption.

        Two, are the same nominal voltage of power supply, the output current is different, can not be usedin the same notebook?

        The power supply voltage, the output current is different, can not be used in the same notebook.The basic principle is that the power of large nominal current can replace small nominal currentpower supply. An estimated one will think so, feel the power of large nominal current will burn out the books, because current. In fact, much current under the same pressure depends on the load,ha ha, and think of the junior high school physics will know.

        When the books of high load operation, the current large, books into standby when current issmaller, the power of large nominal current current allowance enough. On the contrary, some people use 56W to power instead of 72W it is also no problem, the reason is usually the design of the power adapter to leave some margin, the load power must be less than the power, so thatinstead of in general use is feasible, but power is more than the remaining amount is little, once youthis took many peripherals, such as two USB hard disk, and then CPU at full speed, another base,above a full read the disk drive, coupled with the at the same time to charge the battery, estimationis dangerous, always hand touch your power is not had can boil the egg. So it is best not to use the small current power supply to replace the high current power supply.

        Three, the same machine, power supply warm others, I always very hot, why?

        Please don't doubt your power supply problem, first have a look what your books in the stem, Is it right? Like two USB hard disk said above, CPU at full speed, the hard disk read and write speedcrazy, CD-ROM read the disk, at the same time to charge the battery, loud music, screenbrightness maximum, wireless network card has been detected signals etc. according to the task,make good use of power management, reasonable adjustment of the books of the working state isvery important.

        Four, much higher than the nominal voltage of the power supply voltage of the battery of my books,not an accident?

        First of all, need to know is that the power to the notebook power supply and battery for notebookpower supply is different.

        Battery powered, battery output is pure DC, clean enough, the voltage of the battery is neither possible nor need to design is very high, the chemical properties of lithium battery determines acore of the output voltage is only about 3.6V, so a lot of the battery is a three series, 10.8V also became the battery voltage is very popular. Some battery nominal value than the integer times of 3.6V was slightly larger, such as 3.7V or 11.2V and so on, in fact, is to protect the battery.

        Power supply, the situation is complex, first of all need to be further regulated filter to add the voltage, in order to ensure the stable and do not work well in the power performance of the case,after the voltage regulator is divided into two parts, one for the books work power supply to charge the battery in another way, to that part of the time with the notebook power supply battery power supply of the same, and battery charging the part demands can add in the electric core through battery charging control circuit, the control circuit can be very complex, so the supply voltage must be greater than the voltage have the ability to supply to the unit charge control circuit of full. Voltagefinally really added to the electric core is not your power nominal voltage. Rest assured.