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several important parts of the power supply

2013/2/3      view:
       Switching power supply with the obvious advantages of its low power consumption, high efficiency,small volume and loved by people of all ages, and is widely applied to computer equipment,electronic equipment, communications equipment and household appliances. The following will introduce the main technical index of switching power supply.

       The 1 input voltage range: changes in the input voltage when the switch power supply, inputvoltage range and output characteristics remain unchanged. This range is wide, said power to adapt to city power changes of the outside world is stronger, the switching power supply is morewide scope of work. It and switch power amplifier, sampling error of internal feedback regulationcircuit gain and accounted for about empty ratio adjustment range. At present the variation of the input voltage range of the switching power supply has done 90V-270V, can save a lot of electrical appliances on the 110V/220V switch.

       To adjust the rate of 2 voltage: voltage adjustment rate is also referred to as the voltage stability,the output current is constant (i.e. load does not change), and AC working voltage input changes,the relative variation of the output voltage. The technology index is used to verify the switching power supply in the power supply voltage environment of the worst, the stability of the output voltage degree meets the requirement specification.

       The 3 current adjustment rate: the current adjustment rate loading adjusting rate, is the value of the rated AC voltage input (such as 220VAC), and the output current from a minimum of 0 to a maximum value when the relative variation of the output voltage. This index is used to verify theswitching power supply adapter in the worst load environment, the stability of output voltage iswhether conform to specifications.

       The 4 output impedance variation ratio: the ratio of the output voltage and output current. This ratio is small, said power output voltage changes with the load size smaller, good stable performance.

       5: the power conversion efficiency of the ratio of output power to input power. This ratio is high,indicating variation in efficiency is high, the switch power supply volume is small, the reliability is also higher. At present, the efficiency of switching power supply can reach more than 90%.

       The output voltage ripple of 6: as the stabilizing process of switching power supply is a constantsampling feedback process, thus the emergence of a superimposed ripple voltage in the output DC voltage fluctuations on the output ripple voltage, i.e.. The smaller the value, the betterrepresentation of output characteristics. Ripple has two methods: one is the effective value of the output ripple voltage; the two is the peak to peak output ripple voltage. General switching power supply specifications require less than the output DC voltage of 1%, its bandwidth is 20Hz-20MHz or other higher frequency, such as 100MHz etc.. Switching power supply in the harsh environment, the output DC voltage and output voltage ripple on the instantaneous noise after, shall not exceed theoutput high voltage line (Min value and Max value), otherwise will likely result in the power supply voltage is higher or lower than the logic circuit (such as the TTL circuit) the working voltage and the misoperation, further cause crashes phenomenon.