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9V 900MA AC/DC Switching Power Supply 9V 0.9A AC DC Power Supply Adapter

Energy Efficiency: Energy Efficiency Level Ⅴ / Ⅵ     View:
  • Brand:   ABT
  • Type:     ABT090009
  • Voltage:        100~240V
  • Frequency:    50~60Hz

9V 900MA AC/DC Adapter Power Supply characteristics

9V 900MA AC/DC Switching Power Supply 9V 0.9A AC DC Power Supply Adapter.OEM and ODM service available.9V 900MA AC/DC 9V 0.9A AC DC Power Supply Input voltage range that complies with the global using standard.

9V 0.9A power Adapter Technical parameters

Output voltage : 9V
Output current : 900MA
Input voltage Range : 100~240Vac
Input voltage frequency : 50~60Hz
Output voltage regulation : 5%
Hi-pot test> : 3KV , 10mA , 5S
Ripple and noise ( mVp-p ) : < : 1% of output voltage
Variation voltage : 90~264V
Variation Frequency : 47~63 Hz
operation temperature : -20℃ ~ +45℃ , 5% - 90%RH
storage temperature : -25℃ ~ +85℃ , 5% - 95%RH
Protection : OCP , OVP , SCP and OPP
Burn-In Test : Full Load with 4 hours at 40 ± 5℃
Output connector : USB or DC Plug
DC Jack ( Plug ) : According to customer requirements
M.T.B.F.: 30000 HOURS Min ; 25℃ SEE CONDITION
Protection : over voltage protection short circu ited protection over power protection
Leakage current : 0.25 mA MAX 264V AC
Standby power dissipation : Less than 0.1W ( Energy Efficiency Level Ⅵ ) ; Less than 0.3W ( Energy Efficiency Level Ⅴ )
Operation model : constant voltage

9V 900MA Switch Ac/dc Power Adapter Safety certification

KC,RCM,CB,UL,TUV,CCC,BSMI,SAA,PSE,CE,FCC,C-TICK,etc.Meet all related safety standard,Ultra low no-load/standby power consumption,meet CEC V,CEC,MEPS,ERP,CoC V5,DoE Ⅵ,ROHS,green power requirements

9V 0.9A AC/DC Adapter Plug type


9V 900MA power Adapter 9V 900MA power Adapter 

9V 0.9A Switch Ac/dc Power Adapter 9V 0.9A AC/DC Power Supply Adapter

9V 0.9A AC/DC Adapter Dimension

9V power adapter

The 9V power adapter series model

ABTYYY090 Model Inside 090 which represent the output voltage 9V , YYY are 3 digit numbers from 001 to 035 which represent the output current from 0.1 A to 3.5 A , The step value is 0.1 A

9V AC/DC Adapter Power Supply 9V AC/DC Switching Power Supply

9V AC/DC Adapter Power Supply  9V AC/DC Switching Power Supply

9V Series Wall Mount AC DC Adapter Model and Output Specifications

Model Output Specifications Model Output Specifications Model Output Specifications
ABT001090 9V 100MA AC DC Adapter ABT013090 9V 1300MA AC DC Adapter ABT025090 9V 2.5A AC DC Adapter
ABT002090 9V 200MA AC DC Adapter ABT014090 9V 1400MA AC DC Adapter ABT026090 9V 2600MA AC DC Adapter
ABT003090 9V 300MA AC DC Adapter ABT015090 9V 1.5A AC DC Adapter ABT027090 9V 2700MA AC DC Adapter
ABT004090 9V 400MA AC DC Adapter ABT016090 9V 1600MA AC DC Adapter ABT028090 9V 2800MA AC DC Adapter
ABT005090 9V 0.5A AC DC Adapter ABT017090 9V 1700MA AC DC Adapter ABT029090 9V 2900MA AC DC Adapter
ABT006090 9V 600MA AC DC Adapter ABT018090 9V 1800MA AC DC Adapter ABT030090 9V 3A AC DC Adapter
ABT007090 9V 700MA AC DC Adapter ABT019090 9V 1900MA AC DC Adapter ABT031090 9V 3100MA AC DC Adapter
ABT008090 9V 800MA AC DC Adapter ABT020090 9V 2A AC DC Adapter ABT032090 9V 3200MA AC DC Adapter
ABT009090 9V 900MA AC DC Adapter ABT021090 9V 2100MA AC DC Adapter ABT033090 9V 3300MA AC DC Adapter
ABT010090 9V 1A AC DC Adapter ABT022090 9V 2200MA AC DC Adapter ABT034090 9V 3400MA AC DC Adapter
ABT011090 9V 1100MA AC DC Adapter ABT023090 9V 2300MA AC DC Adapter ABT035090 9V 3.5A AC DC Adapter
ABT012090 9V 1200MA AC DC Adapter ABT024090 9V 2400MA AC DC Adapter